Businesswomanfrustrated because she cannot find the informtion she needs to do her job correctly

Best Practices

Finding information is costing your company an average of $14,209 per information worker, per year, according to a recent study from IDC. Worse still, failed searches, where proper information is never found, cost you $6,000 per worker, per year. How much of your business is running on data that "just has to do" because employees could not find information that was "just right?"

Learning fundamental online search skills is an easy way to increase worker productivity. Once your business understands how to get the most out of popular search engines, not only can you find information faster--you can actually find better sources than you ever knew existed. Search success is not just a matter of speed, but a matter of making the best information findable in the first place.

Source: IDC, Hidden Cost of Information Work: A Progress Report, Doc. #217936, May 2009

Beat the odds.

Let To The Point Research teach you the tips and tricks that research professionals use: when to use different search engines, the tools that make searches yield precise results, and strategies for moving beyond the Web to lesser-known sources.

To The Point Research trains students, parents, executives, employees, and research professionals in online and offline research techniques. In addition, we can consult with your school, company, or organization on search strategies for assuring that your productivity rises and frustration dissipates.