Here is what clients have to say about us:

"Tasha was 100% responsible for developing the course content for the Boost e Learning Google Search Training available at She was on time, on budget, and most importantly a true subject matter expert in Google Search. She did a fabulous job in developing the content and working with the Insturctional Design team to convert it into high impact e learning. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity" April 15, 2008

--Victor Alhadeff, CEO Boost eLearning LLC

“Tasha created a web searching workshop specifically for a 4th grade audience. The kids were engaged, learned a lot, and enjoyed the experience. They learned valuable web searching skills which they could apply immediately to homework acitivies and their interests. Tasha made it fun.” May 24, 2008
Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

--San Francisco Bay Area parent

"I can't believe I've been wasting my whole life!"

--6th Grade Student, The Nueva School

"I did not know that an eleven year old girl could be interested in anything. Now, all my daughter talks about is historical archival research."

--Parent of "Histories Mysteries" camper, San Carlos Parks and Recreation

“Tasha is the kind of contractor that everyone is looking for: she's smart, conscientious, detailed, and easy to work with. In every project she's done for me, Tasha has added value by "thinking outside the box" and coming up with creative solutions that saved time, money, or both. She is meticulously accurate, meets every deadline, and is a pleasure to work with.” September 15, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

--Margaret Parks, Thomson Higher Education

“Rarely do I meet professionals who grasp and work toward resolving complex issues as quickly as Tasha. A talented researcher and strategic thinker, she's as good at untangling complicated process issues as she is at documenting and advising on the best ways to streamline them. I wholeheartedly recommend her work to anyone looking for imaginative problem solving and expertise on how to find answers in any system or environment.” July 31, 2007
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrit

--Brian Chaffee, Cengage Learning