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More needles, less haystack.

woman smiling at computerEvery day, companies lose critical knowledge and millions of employee-hours to ineffective searching. Office workers spend 7 hours a week gathering information from the Internet. The average online search takes 11 minutes—yet half of searchers are still dissatisfied with the results.

Every day, inadequate research skills cost students grades, sleep, and family time. More than 80% of teachers believe the Internet helps with homework; some 30% of their students—and 20% of parents—regularly go to the Internet for homework help. Yet high school students now face over three hours of homework a night, while new software finds that as many as 30% of high school and college papers are plagiarized.

Beat the odds.

Let To The Point Research teach you the tips and tricks that research professionals use: when to use different search engines, the tools that make searches yield precise results, and strategies for moving beyond the Web to lesser-known sources.

To The Point Research trains students, parents, executives, employees, and research professionals in online and offline research techniques. In addition, we can consult with your school, company, or organization on search strategies for assuring that your productivity rises and frustration dissipates.

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